How to setup your Custom Email in Gmail


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How to setup your Custom Email in Gmail.


This tutorial will show you on how to setup your Custom Email in Gmail.

Let's say, your Custom Email is :

And your Gmail email is :

So, you want to be able to send/receive Custom Email ( in Gmail (

It's so easy.

Just follow this video tutorial :



Should you have any problem (or need any assistance), kindly contact us via Livechat here : at anytime



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Cara untuk setup Custom Email anda di Gmail


Katakanlah, Custom Email anda ialah :

Dan email Gmail anda ialah :

Jadi, anda mahu hantar/terima Custom Email ( di Gmail (

Caranya mudah sahaja. 

Sila ikut panduan video ini :


Sekiranya masih ada masalah (atau perlukan sebarang bantuan), sila hubungi kami di Livechat : , pada bila2 masa.


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