Your IP Address Has Changed. Please log in again.

When you receive "Your IP address has changed" message during login (either cPanel or Webmail), it may indicate one of the 2 possibilities below :

1) Your internet connection is not stable :

  • if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has a short DHCP lease time, it normally cause your IP address to be renewed/released and reassigned while you are logged into cPanel.

  • mobile internet provider (such as Celcom, Digi, Maxis, U-Mobile, etc) are known to have short DHCP lease time, especially if you use hotspot connection.

  • to avoid this problem, you are advised to switch to a much stable connection, such as Time, Unifi (or, any other fixed-line internet provider).


2) You are attempting to login into cPanel using the same account from two different devices concurrently :

  • To avoid this problem, make sure that you only login from one device at a time.

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