How to change PHP version/setting


To change your PHP version/settings, you can do it in your cPanel.

Here's how to do it :

1) firstly, login ke cPanel :
2) and click on 'Select PHP Version' ( see this : )
3) change your PHP version from 'Native' to other version & click on 'Set As Current' ( see this : )
4) and 'SAVE'
5) then, kindly tick/choose any extension you need & SAVE
6) click on 'Switch To PHP Options' (on top-right), then, edit the PHP settings (including post_max_size & upload_max_filesize , if you need), and 'SAVE'

[B. Melayu]

Untuk tukar versi/setting PHP, anda boleh buat di dalam cPanel.

Caranya ialah :

1) login ke cPanel :
2) dan klik 'Select PHP Version' ( Lihat ini : )
3) tukar versi PHP dari 'Native' kepada versi lain & klik 'Set As Current' ( lihat ini : )
4) dan 'SAVE'
5) kemudian, sila tick/pilih mana2 extension yang anda perlukan & SAVE
6) klik 'Switch To PHP Options' (di sebelah kanan-atas), kemudian, edit setting2 PHP (termasuk lah post_max_size & upload_max_filesize , jika perlu), dan 'SAVE'

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