Dear NetKL's valued clients,
TM is currently having connection issue to US (refer email below)

They are fixing it.

We will inform you, once it has been fixed.

Best regards,

Support Team
NetKL Network

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From: TM's Brickfield datacenter
To : All clients
Sent: Monday, October 03, 2011 12:17 PM
Subject: Several Link Down To US

Dear Customer,

Currently TM experiencing a total of 40G loss to US which is suspected due to cable fault occurred on Philippines and Hong Kong. Our REs are in the midst of troubleshooting (fine-tune) the affected path.

Links Down US:

1. IGW01.JRC-IGW01.SJ - Backhaul (10G)
2. IGW02.CBJ-IGW01.PA – Backhaul (10G)
3. IGW01.JRC-SAVVIS – Transit (10G)
4. IGW02.JRC-IGW01.LA – Backhaul (10G)

Total Loss: 40G/75G(53.33%)

Available Link : 35G(46.66%)

• Observed high congestion at available links.

o KLJ – PA 2.5G util (in/out) : (92/60)%
o CBJ –SJ 2.5 G util (in/out) : (92/60)%
o CBJ –SJ 2.5 G util (in/out) : (92/60)%
o CBJ- LA 10G util (in/out) : (94/13)%
o BRF- LA 2.5G util (in/out) : (84/54)%


Expected slow browsing to US and congestion at available links during peak hours.

Your kind patience and understanding is highly appreciated.

TM's Brickfield Datacenter,
Kuala Lumpur

Monday, October 3, 2011

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