To all of our Valued Customers,

Kindly be informed that we will be overseas for a business trip-cum-study visit starting from 12/01/2010 until 21/01/2010.
Should you place any order, (or, request for any support) within this period, you may expect to experience a considerably late/delayed response from our sales/support team. Having said this, we will definitely strive our best to respond to your order/support request, the soonest we can

We have also opened our forum at Please feel free to post your question there, and other clients (who know the answer) might be able to help you answering your question.
Security-related information (virus problem on hosting), kindly read this note ;

However, below are some of the answers/guidelines to some of the commonly asked Questions, for your attention :

1) Forgotten 'Client Area' password :

Type, click on 'Forgotten your password? Request a Password Reminder by clicking here', key-in your email address, and your password will be sent to your email. Please ensure that you ask for the password only once, because each time you request, different new password will be created and sent to your email. If you can't find our email in your Inbox, kindly check in your Junk Mail/Spam folder, in case, it has gone there. Once you've received the new password, you can login into 'Client Area'.

2) Forgotten cPanel password :

If you have forgotten your cPanel password, you can get it or reset your password in the 'Client Area'. The steps are; login into, click on 'My Emails' and look for email subject 'Your cPanel Account Information'. All of your cPanel login infos are listed there. If you have changed cPanel password and forgotten it, you can reset your cPanel password by clicking on 'My Services', and click on 'arrow icon' located on the right-hand-side of your hosting account. At the 'Login Details', there is an option to change password. Enter your new password and SAVE. Then, you can login into cPanel using your new password.

3) IP has been blocked :

If your IP has been blocked, the fastest way to solve it is by turning OFF your modem and then turn it ON back to renew your IP. This method is only effective if you are using Dynamic IP (eg, Streamyx). To avoid risk of your IP being blocked, please ensure that you always use the correct login info (username/password) whenever you log-in.

4) 'Error establishing a database connection' Problem :

This problem is caused by wrong configuration on your php script. We would suggest that you use Softaculous to install script. This method is so easy. All steps/processes are AUTOMATICALLY done by Softaculous. Scripts available in Softaculous includes Wordpress, joomla, phpbb, etc. This database error problem may also happen if you change cPanel password. If this happens, you must re-set your database username/password in cPanel>>Mysql.

5) '500 Internal Server Error' problem :

This problem is caused by a wrong file/folder permission or wrong configuration in your .htaccess. Please check the .htaccess file, which is located in public_html. Make sure that there is only one (1) command for every row. Connecting command can cause error 500. Permission for files must be 644; and for folder, 755. Giving permission other than these will cause error 500 too.

6) 'Error 404 not found' problem :

If you use wordpress and this problem occurs, this might have been caused by wrong configuration in your .htaccess. If you have changed setting on 'Permalink Settings', you must write command given in .htaccess. Otherwise, your website will get this 'error 404'. If you don't really know how to make setting on 'Permalink Settings', we would suggest you to just leave the setting as 'default'. Wrong files/folder permission can also cause error 404. Permission for files must be 644; and for folder, 755. Giving permission other than these will cause error 404.

7) 'The installation can not be completed - conflicting filenames' problem :

This problem happens because there is already a file/folder with the same name as the folder used by the script that you are going to install. Joomla script normally faces this problem. To fix it, just delete the conflicted file/folder. If you install Joomla, the 'conflicted' folder is 'images'. Just delete this 'images' folder in public_html and re-install it.

8) Statistic (Awstats) not updated - Statistic update is not done 'real time'. Update will take some time (in queue) to get updated. To refresh & update immediately, you may click the 'Update now' link, on the 1st page of Awstats.
    Example >> 'Last Update: 04 Jan 2010 - 06:26     Update now'. Kindly wait for a few minutes until the update process completes, and your website statistic will be updated immediately.
9) 'I've emailed you, but no response' :

FYI, no emails from you will be left unreplied/unanswered. In fact, based on our track record, our response time is just within few minutes after we receive your emails. Therefore, when you do not receive our reply after few hours/days you sent us an email, there may be two possibilities; it's either :
        - our email reply went to your Junk Mail / Spam folder.
       - the email you sent did not really reach us - this normally happens when you sent us an email from your personal email, and NOT thru ticket in the 'Client Area'. By sending a ticket, you can be sure that your email will definitely reach us safely, so that we can respond to it immediately. Furthermore, you'll also be able to see the exact time of our response.

*IMPORTANT : If you only bought a DOMAIN from us (NOT hosting), and all of a sudden, you experience problems like; unable to access website, or, failed to login into cPanel/ftp, etc; you will need to contact your web hosting provider directly, and NOT us. This is because this kind of problem is related to hosting (and NOT domain), so, there is nothing we can do to help, as we have no control over your hosting. Your web hosting provider should be able to help you out.

We hope, the guidelines above are helpful to solve your problems while waiting for our response which may be a bit delayed during the time mentioned above.

Thank you very much for all of your understanding & your continuous supports that enable us to continue providing a very quality hosting service at an affordable price.

NetKL Network

Friday, January 8, 2010

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