Due to lack of demand for DirectAdmin hosting (compared to cPanel), we have decided to terminate the use of Directadmin hosting, and will transfer all accounts to cPanel hosting. This transfer will take place on Friday, 09/10/2009.

We will transfer the whole of your accoutns into cPanel server. If you bought any domain with us, we will also point your domain into new server (cPanel).

If you manage your domain yourself or bought your domain from other company, once all accounts have been transferred, we will give you a new nameserver and you can change your domain's nameserver to the new nameserver.

You don't need to worry as this server transfer process will not affect/cause any problem to your existing website/data.

Once your account has been tansferred to cPanel server, we will send your new account info to your email. Then, you can manage your hosting in the new control panel (cPanel).

Should you need any further info/clarifications regarding this server transfer, kindly email us at anytime.

We have no problem, if you do not agree to transfer your server from Directadmin to cPanel, HOWEVER, please be informed that when your account expires later on, you will no longer be able to renew your hosting anymore, because we don't provide Directadmin hosting anymore.

We hope that you will accept/agree with this server transfer, and we hope that everything will go smoothly without any problem.

Yours sincerely.

NetKL Network

Friday, October 2, 2009

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