Dear our valued customers,
As we all know, our domain & Privacy Protection service prices are amongst the lowest in Malaysia.
However, due to continuous fall of Ringgit currency against US Dollar lately, the costs of those domains have increased significantly, which exceed our current selling price.
Therefore, effective from 31 October 2015 (Saturday) (at 12.01 am), we will have to increase our domain & Privacy Protection service prices, as below :
- New price for gTLDs domains (i.e .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, and .name) are = RM45 a year
(*New prices for other domains, will be updated & displayed in NetKL website soon).
- New price for Privacy Protection service is = RM15 a year (OPTIONAL only)
(What is Privacy Protection service? : )
1) If you have any unpaid invoices now, you are advised to pay them immediately before 31 October 2015, to avoid the price increase. After making payment, please send the payment details to immediately, and make sure that you receive our Ticket Number (Please read our Payment Notification Terms here : )

2) Please note that; if you receive our invoice(s) BEFORE 31 October 2015 (with the old prices), but you make the payment only AFTER 31 October 2015 (after 12.01 am), the old prices stated on those invoices are NOT valid anymore. You'll need to make an extra payment (i.e the difference between new & old price), before we can activate/renew your service subscriptions.
3) However, if you bought a hosting with us in the past, and received a FREE domain from us (as part of our promotion), don't worry about this price increase, because the FREE domain given will remain FREE of charge every year, so long as you renew that hosting with us every year. This applies to new hosting purchase (after 31 October 2015) as well.
Together with this increase, we will do our best to maintain/improve our level of service, to ensure your maximum satisfation.
Thank you so much for using NetKL.
All your supports are highly appreciated.

Should you need further info/clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us back.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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